Who Knew?

This is incredible! Check it out, people: they’ve got these things called
airplanes, and they fly over the world at dizzying heights. And when you
look down, you can see so much! And it all leaps to your eyes in vivid,
surreal miniature, as though you were a peregrine!

Mind = totally blown.

This is crazy. You can see the frozen bodies of water, and the whole
expanse of cities, and how we have made geometric patterns of farmland and
highways and imposed them upon the wild landscape.

You can imagine that a small child is growing up in the quiet rhythm of
life in Walkerville, Ontario, and that she is aware all her years of the
great guttering flame of Detroit across the river, a hulking ruin, the body
of the Isaac our country slew, ignoring God’s injunction to stay our hand.

And in between the girl and the ruin, on Belle Isle, a rabbit is
unconcernedly nibbling on some goldenrod.

Seriously: it’s like you can be above the whole world, see it from an angle
your great grandparents only saw in their dreams. This is some wild stuff.