One Day World Tour Set List

Thanks so much to the more than five hundred souls who tuned in during the twelve hours of this concert, and to the fifty-odd souls who packed into the room for the last two sets as well. Your collective generosity raised close to eight thousand dollars, and a little more than five thousand will go to a variety of non-profits. Thanks as well to Concert Window, the whole family at the Café Carpe, and to Kate Klemp, who superlatively helmed the online spaceship. Photo by Jay Graham.

SET ONE | 8am CST (No Hat)
Shenandoah [Traditional]
Road to Mallow
Problems with Hemingway [Hayward Williams]
The Fly [U2]
Elvis Presley Blues [Gillian Welch]
After Hours [Peter Mulvey/David Goodrich]
Fool’s Errand

SET TWO | 9am CST (Furry Hat)
You & Me & the 10,000 Things
What’s Keeping Erica?
Black Snow
Lila Blue
The Strayaway Child [Traditional]
Bees [Kris Delmhorst]
The Dreams
Two Janes [David Hidalgo/Louie Perez]

SET THREE | 10am CST (Black Beanie)
Old Simon Stimson
Black Rabbit
[Five Minute Guitar Lesson]
Riverboat [Tim Gearan]
Fragile [Ralston Bowles]
Shoulderbirds [Mulvey/Tim Gearan]

SET FOUR | 11am CST (Straw Hat)
Some People
The Book of Love [Stephin Merritt]
Shirt [Mulvey/Goodrich]
Joyful Girl [Ani DiFranco]
Bicycle [Gary Louris/Mark Olson]
Nearness of You [Hoagy Carmichael]
Wings of the Ragman [Mulvey/Goodrich]

SET FIVE | 12pm CST (Brown Newsboy)
Hollerin’ Birds [Peter Mulvey/JT Nero]
Abide With Me [Henry Lyte/William Monk]
Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me [Mississppi John Hurt]
Marty & Lou
Skylark [Hoagy Carmichael]
Me & Albert
Old Fashioned Morphine [Jolie Holland]
Still Life
Girl in the Hi-Tops

SET SIX | 1pm CST (Hemp Fedora)
Fish and Whistle [Bill Camplin as Peter Mulvey]
Smell the Future
Brady Street Stroll
Time [Tom Waits]
O the Rain
Remember Me [John Sieger]
Rise [Mulvey/Goodrich]
Five Oh Seven
Everybody Knows [Leonard Cohen]

SET SEVEN | 2pm CST (Fleece Beanie)
If I Were [Pamela Means]
On The Way Up
Charlie [Peter Mulvey/David Goodrich/Paul Cebar]
Trees Are Cool
I’m Beginning to See the Light [Duke Ellington/Don George/Johnny Hodges/Harry James]
Out Here
What Else Was It?

SET EIGHT (feat. Allen Cote) | 3pm CST (Black Cadet Hat)
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies [Traditional]
Up on the Lowdown [Chris Smither]
If You Shoot at a King
Stephen’s Green [Mulvey/Goodrich]
Just Before the War
Knuckleball Suite [Mulvey/Goodrich]
Dynamite Bill [Peter Mulvey/Tim Gearan]

SET NINE (feat. an interview by Tom Mathews) | 4pm CST (Dark Plaid Cadet)
If Love Is Not Enough
Whole of the Moon [Mike Scott]
Better Way To Go
Underworld [Tod Weidner]
Sad Sad Sad, Sad (and Faraway from Home)

SET TEN (feat. Nathan Kilen) | 5pm CST (Denim Cadet)
Denver, 6am [Mulvey/Goodrich]
The Details
Widows of the Revolution [Joe Henry]
Love Bizarre [Prince]
29c Head [Mulvey/Goodrich]
Which One Were You?
Why Do I Follow You?
You & Everybody Else [Peter Mulvey/John Sieger]
Sebastian [Peter Mulvey/Tim Fagan]

SET ELEVEN | 6pm CST, Live Audience. (Plaid Newsboy)
You Don’t Have to Tell Me
Kids in the Square [Mulvey/Gearan]
O My Star [Anais Mitchell]
The Other Morning Over Coffee [Mulvey/Nero]
Trouble with Poets
Would You Love Me? [Chuck Prophet]
Drumlin Trail
Moonglow [Irving Mills/Eddie DeLange]
Boy in the Bubble [Paul Simon]
Escanaba Thursday

SET TWELVE (feat. Allen Cote & Nathan Kilen) | 7pm CST, Live Audience. (Corduroy Cadet)
Lies You Forgot You Told
Are You Listening?
Copenhagen Airport
Song for Michael Brown
Devil Town [Daniel Johnston]
It Can Get You By
The Last Song
The Song After the Last Song