Kickstarter campaign for new record

HERE IT IS: the Kickstarter campaign for my new record, SILVER LADDER, which will be released April 1 on Signature Sounds. This is my first Kickstarter, and I’m excited for it, because I’m immensely excited for this record to come out. It was produced by the mighty Chuck Prophet (Chuck Prophet Official) and I’ve never poured more heart and soul into a work in my life. We made it in Los Angeles, the cast and crew were sterling, and writing the songs has been a two-year burst of heat lightning on my horizons. Please check out the campaign, check out the rewards, and join in.

Also, the next most important thing you could do is to share either this post, or the link to this Kickstarter page, on your own timeline. No need to tag me, but if you could say a few encouraging words to your people, that would make a big difference. Thanks for all the support up to this point, I hope you know that I know I owe my career to your support. Let’s make something new happen.

Silver Ladder Kickstarter Campaign