Lamplighter Sessions at the Cafe Carpe

People, this is the soul of what I do. This year it will be eight days of in-the-round crash-or-burn glory, in the company of souls that I’ve encountered along the road. Some are new friends, some are so close that we know the backs of each other’s hands better than we know what we had for breakfast this morning. Some of them I have never met. It’s all the same: we sit in a circle, and we share some music. The audience sits on all sides of us, and what’s new to us is new to them. The Redbird shows are probably all sold out by now, so trust me: take a flyer on one of the other collections of musicians. Even if you’ve never seen any of them. Especially if you’ve never seen any of them.

It’s worth mentioning, David Goodrich is taking up residency for the entire Lamplighter Sessions. He will be the impromptu sideman for every artist. He’s just recently moved to Austin, so this is one of the Midwest’s few chances to bask in his glory.

Also worth mentioning, the Saturday night Lamplighter Session will be Bill Camplin, Satchel Paige Welch, Kai Welch, and David Goodrich. I’m taking that night off. I’m as excited about this as you are.

As ever, these shows are a perfect way to say thank you to and audience that has supported me for decades. Thank you.